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Padded Bike Shorts


Now here is a way to live the life of luxury while riding your bike!

We all know that cycling is a great way to get into shape, as bicycling doesn’t put near as much strain on your limbs as running does.

It’s important to take care of the parts of our body that support your weight while cycling.

A nice pair of padded bike shorts can go a long way.

They can prevent pain, prevent chaffing and absorb sweat to maximize your comfort level throughout your workout.


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The technology of padded cycling shorts has evolved dramatically over the last 30 years. The materials used today are designed to provide the highest durability and comfort possible for today’s riders. Nylon and spandex are the primary materials that are used to make bicycle shorts today.

There are a couple different styles that are designed for different types of riders. For instance, there are padded bike shorts specifically designed for women, youth and men riders, and also cycling shorts that are designed for road cycling and mountain biking.

Nowadays, sanitation is a primary concern when riding a bike. The crotch area can become infected pretty easily and mold within shorts can grow rapidly. That is part of the reason why padded bike shorts are so popular. Not only are they comfortable, but they provide protection from acquiring rashes, cuts, etc.


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One technology, called Coolmax microfiber, of the padded crotch area allows for easy ventilation and sanitation while riding. Cycling shorts can also be easily cleaned and disinfected to prevent any such occurrences from happening.

The majority of padded bike shorts are made of nylon and spandex, though some do use polyester, to provide ultimate comfort, air flow and aerodynamics while riding. Nylon material allows the shorts to stretch while riding and it is a very soft material.

The waistband is designed to be very soft and form fitting as well. The padded area is made up of gel chamois and usually has a soft layer over it like fleece, or the Coolmax microfiber to provide even more comfort.



Padded cycling shorts can be purchased for all types of cyclists, and we specifically discuss men's cycling shortswomen's cycling shorts, and kids biking shorts, in addition to covering options from Aero Tech and Pearl iZumi. add All sizes are available to fit anyone’s needs. The colors range from blue, red, purple, orange, black (most popular, and standard), and many more. Comfort and design is pretty much the same on all padded shorts, some have more padding then others so it should be considered before purchasing how much padding is best for you.

Not all padded bike shorts are form fitting, however. Mountain bike riders prefer more baggy bike shorts for the style of look and feel. This type of a short is great for mountain bike terrain. The comfort and individuality of the tight spandex and nylon shorts can also be found in the baggy style as well.

The padding of these bicycle shorts is not sacrificed either. Which pair of padded shorts you want will ultimately depend on what type of a cyclist you are.


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