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Aero Tech Baggy Bicycle Shorts



If you like to bike, then you probably know how long rides can hurt your rear end.

Bike seats, no matter how padded, still hurt after sitting on them for a long time.

Even gel bike seats can get uncomfortable with serious riding.

A lot of bike riders buy padded bicycle shorts to cope with the discomfort while riding, but the problem is that there are so many shorts, how do you know which ones are the best?  

Well, with Aero Tech Designs bike shorts, you will not have to worry about those long rides being uncomfortable anymore. If you don’t want spandex, then these shorts are about the best ones to be had.

aero tech baggy padded biking shorts

These Aero Tech Designs baggy shorts feature a stylish, comfortable fit with their baggy design. They are made of high quality nylon, and are relaxed enough to be casual while providing the support you need for the longer rides.

The shorts also have two size pockets and internal spandex shorts that are padded for extra comfort. The exterior nylon is actually Ripstop Nylon that is known for its longevity and high quality.

These shorts are machine washable and dryable. The pockets also have Velcro on them so that you can secure your personal belongings without having them fall out.


Stop putting up with bike shorts that are not comfortable when you ride in them. Riding is supposed to be a comfortable experience that you enjoy, not a couple of hours of pure discomfort and misery!

These padded bicycle shorts will help you to enjoy the experience of being outdoors and will help you to keep your mind on your trail instead of on your seat! And at this price, you can even afford to pick up a few pairs of them so that you are never left without!