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Aero Tech Womens Cycling Shorts



There are regular shorts, and then there are shorts that are especially made for cycling. And when it comes to women’s shorts, there is a huge difference between the two.

A lot of women do not like to ride in regular shorts, mostly because they are nowhere near as comfortable to bike in.

Cycling can be an activity that really takes its toll on your backside, which is why women’s bike shorts have padding to help keep them as comfortable as possible.  

When it comes to women’s padded cycling shorts, nobody knows how to make them as comfortably as Aero Tech. These Aero Tech womens cycling shorts are designed to be as comfortable as possible while you are riding a bike.

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The Spandex/nylon material is tricot knit with a four way stretch to make the material durable and soft at the same time. Due to this stretching action, you can ride for longer periods of time and continue to feel the support you need.

The soft, coolmax micro fiber pads added as cushioning to these shorts will make even the most athletically intense seats feel way more comfortable.

You will notice that shorter rides will not affect you, and that longer rides will feel a lot less painful with these shorts. These shorts are available in all the popular sizes, so you are sure to find a pair that fits you exactly the way they should.

If you are tired of bike riding being painful and uncomfortable, then these cycling shorts from Aero Tech are ones that you need to buy! Stop putting up with shorts that do not support you in the ways that you need.

These spandex/nylon womens biking shorts stretch exactly how they need to in order to give you the smoothest ride ever! And they are also breathable, making them even more comfortable than other shorts in the same class.