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Indoor Biking

indoor bikingIndoor biking is a term that refers to either the use of an exercise bike, or the use of a regular bike with a bike trainer indoors.

Indoor biking is primarily for health and fitness, and a lot of people use indoor biking as their primary means of physical activity.

There are three main advantages to indoor biking;

  • First, it is not reliant on the weather, so it can be done any time.
  • Second, it can be done at any time of the day. You can ride at night, or in the morning, making it easier to get your ride in.
  • And third, it sometimes takes less time to ride an exercise bike than it does to ride a regular bike.

exercise bikeWith a regular bike, you actually have to go somewhere, if you can't ride from your front door. Besides, you also need to haul the bike, and there is no way to cut your ride short because, well, you need to at least ride back to where your car/house is!

An exercise bike, however, allows you to stay right where you are. If you need to cut the ride short, you can do so at any time. This convenience is a major reason as to why indoor biking is so popular.

If you are thinking of taking up indoor biking as a sport, then here are some things to think about. First of all, do you want to purchase your own indoor bike and ride it at home, or do you want to buy a gym membership? Either way will work, and they both have their advantages. For either, you'll definitely want a good pair of padded cycling shorts!

In a gym, you also get access to all kinds of other equipment. However, buying your own bike might be an expense up front, but it will save you money that you would spend at the gym in the long run.