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Pearl iZumi Mens Bike Shorts



Biking is most definitely a sport that requires a bit of gear. Of course, anyone can get away with riding here and there without wearing anything special, but in the long run it is good to have some clothes that are truly made for biking.

There are two reasons as to why padded biking shorts are better to wear while cycling than regular shorts.

First of all, they are better because they offer more support.

Second of all, they usually offer a more comfortable ride, either by fitting tightly or by having special padding installed to make the ride smoother.

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest cycling shorts are made especially for men who like to cycle on anything ranging from an amateur to serious level, and if you are looking for some real shorts to make your biking more enjoyable, then you will definitely want to take a look at these.

pearl izumi mens biking shorts

These Pearl iZumi cycling shorts are created from SELECT transfer fabric, which sets a benchmark for the transferring of moisture. You won’t have to worry about perspiration being a problem with these shorts.

They absorb moisture well, and also breathe well, making it easy to ride for long periods of time without being bothered by moisture buildup. They are built with a six panel design that fits the male anatomy perfectly, making for a comfortable ride every time.

Also, you will not have to worry about these shorts riding up or down; the silicon leg gripper on each leg keeps your pant leg where it is supposed to be.

And finally, as safety is always a huge concern for cyclists, these shorts are made of a reflective material for low light visibility.

Don’t ride another mile without the wardrobe you need! These biking shorts are awesome for trail or road riding, and you will not ever want to go another mile without them!